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Please note that Court-appointed Welfare Guardians have NO right to make any decisions about the property and assets of the subject person. These decisions can only be made by a Court appointed Property Manager. Volunteer Welfare Guardians are only appointed as Property Managers in exceptional circumstances as this work is invariably undertaken by professional business organisations such as the Public Trust.

Who are we?

The Canterbury West Coast Welfare Guardians Trust is a charitable trust established to provide recruit, approve and train suitable volunteers to apply to be Court-appointed Welfare Guardians for people who are unable to make, or communicate, decisions for themselves. Once appointed the Trust provides on-going support for the volunteers.

The Trust consists of a Board who bring various fields of expertise and experience to ensure the Trusts aims are met. The current Trustees have expertise in social work, aged care representation, family court processes and health and disability issues.

Approved volunteers are needed when the subject person lacks any suitable local relatives willing to apply to become their Welfare Guardian.

Once appointed by the Family Court the Welfare Guardian is the only person legally able to make decisions about the day-to-day care and welfare of their Subject Person. These may include decisions about non-urgent medical treatments, accommodation and any day-to-day matters that the person would normally make for themselves but, who the Court have ruled, lack the capacity to do so.

What does the Trust do?

How do I apply to become a volunteer Welfare Guardian?

  1. Complete an Application Form and return to: Canterbury West Coast Welfare Guardians Trust, 24 Main North Road, Papanui, Christchurch 8053, or email the Application to: the Canterbury West Coast Welfare Guardians Trust.
  2. You will be required to consent to a Police check form, and to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.
  3. Once your referees have been contacted you will be invited to an interview and subsequently advised if you have been approved.

What happens next?

When you have been approved the Trust will contact you with details of the next training sessions.

When you have completed the training your name will be added to the Trust's list of available volunteer Welfare Guardians.

You will be contacted by the Coordinator when an appropriate request has been made to the Trust.

How do I request a volunteer Welfare Guardian?

What if I have further questions?

If you would like further information about the Canterbury West Coast Welfare Guardians Trust, have any questions about becoming a volunteer Welfare Guardian or how to request a volunteer contact the Coordinator at:

email: cwcwgt@gmail.com (preferred contact)

Cellphone: 0204 189 3045, or Canterbury West Coast Welfare Guardians Trust, 24 Main North Road, Papanui, Christchurch 8053.

Listen to our Podcasts

Here’s a link to a recent podcast two of our trustees did with PlainsFM radio:

Podcast and here is the link via the PlainsFM website: PlainsFM website (there is a description of the podcast and a download option).

And here's a link to Steven Moe's podcast with one of our trustees: Steven Moe Podcast

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